Local SEO for Law Firms and Lawyers

People are increasingly searching online for businesses that are relatively near or ‘local’ to them. It is for this exact reason that the word “local SEO” came into being.

Local SEO can be considered a sub-set of SEO which focuses on optimizing your website to surface in the search engine results page for a search term which has a local intent or audience, such as “Texas lawyer SEO.”

Some research estimates claim that about 46% of searches on Google are local. In line with this trend, major search engines like Google and Bing have consequently positioned a lot of give attention to delivering users with an increase of relevant local search results. They have subsequently created products to cater to this need, called Google My Business and Bing Places for Business respectively.

Whenever a user performs a search that potentially has a local intent, besides the regular organic results, the search engine will usually display a map listing that involves three or four businesses that are in relatively close proximity to the user’s location.

It is for this exact reason that our company, Telligent Marketing LLC, has generated something offering that is dedicated specifically to helping your law firm reap the fantastic benefits associated with local SEO for legal.

Benefits of Local SEO for Your Law Firm.

Here are four reasons that should hopefully shed better light on why you should put the maximum amount of energy and attention as is possible into reaping the benefits associated with local SEO for lawyers.

Greater Local Visibility: In the same way that Search Engine Optimization (SEO) gives your business greater visibility online, Local SEO, when done right, gives your business greater visibility to your neighborhood community, often at a city level, but sometimes statewide.

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(Often) Corresponding Organic Search Visibility: A particular way of thinking has it that the higher your website ranks in an area search result the more likely it is to rank high in the search engine’s organic and natural listing. Though this won’t always happen, it sometimes does, perhaps most of the time.

Higher Conversion Rate: There is a high opportunity that a properly done local SEO campaign will lead to raised conversions for your business. Inbound marketing shows that when an individual initiates contact with a business after finding them on a search engine, they are often further along in the buyer journey and potentially will be ready or easier to convert.
In the case of a business that is found in the result of the local maps listing, then is an even higher likelihood that the person is often more likely ready to convert as they may be looking to find a local service agency that they can immediately speak to or visit.

More Local Trust (from Reviews): Various research findings have told us that reviews are an extremely big take into account helping to convince an individual to buy something or service from a service provider. Becaall of use local SEO puts your business in front of local folks from your city and perhaps neighboring cities, it gives you the opportunity to get reviews that are positive from such people, which, gives you good ammunition had a need to convince potential new customers to rely upon your products or services according to the positive encounters of past clients.

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